Holiday Gift Ideas

For anyone who has a loved one in their life that loves technology, this holiday season is the perfect time to surprise them with some new gadgets! We’ve compiled the most popular items of the year, and grouped them to make it easy for you to find the perfect gift for everyone in your family,

Anthem winter sale 2023

Anthem’s Winter Sales Event

Embrace the Sound of Savings with Anthem’s Winter Sales Event! From November 20th to January 2nd, Anthem invites you to celebrate the season of joy with our exclusive Winter Sales Event. Elevate your audio experience with a uniform 15% discount across our esteemed lineup. This is your chance to own the AVM 70/90 8K, the

Sonos 2023 black friday sales canada

Sonos Black Friday Promotions 2023

Whether you’re looking to amp up your home theater or add some rhythm to your rooms, Sonos has you covered. With up to 25% off, it’s the perfect time to grab that sound system you’ve been eyeing.

samsung tv black friday deals

Samsung TV Black Friday Deals 2023

Get ready for Black Friday 2023, where Samsung is setting the bar high with spectacular deals on the latest TVs. Upgrade your viewing experience with Samsung’s cutting-edge OLED TVs, offering unparalleled contrast and colors that pop, making every scene a masterpiece. For those who crave even more detail, Samsung’s 8K TVs are on sale, pushing

anthem str receivers sale

Anthem Fall Promotions

This fall, bring the power of Anthem’s STR series amplifiers & receivers into your home. Between November 2nd and January 2nd, enjoy a symphony of savings with 15% off our premier audio equipment. Why Anthem STR Series?

what is a preamp

What Is a Pre-Amp?

Home theatre systems often include multiple components, including an amplifier/receiver for connecting equipment to a set of speakers. One component that many people overlook is a pre-amp. So, what is a pre-amp, and do you need one for your home theatre system? Preamplifiers are responsible for amplifying an audio signal before it is sent to

Epson laser projector review ls12000
Product Reviews

Epson ProCinema Projector Overview

Having a really nice laser projector for your home will be so useful. It’s an amazing way for your family to watch movies with excellent clarity on a large screen. One of the most popular options that are currently available is the Epson ProCinema Projector. Is this projector worthwhile? Keep reading to learn everything that

hifi surge protectors

How Important Is A HiFi Surge Protector?

When’s the last time you changed your power bar? Without a HiFi surge protector, you risk permanently damaging your expensive audio and video equipment. While a standard surge protector may protect against voltage spikes if it’s relatively new, a HiFi surge protector often provides enhanced protection. It can protect against excess current and help remove


What to Look for in a Television

Shopping for a new television is not easy, especially considering the variety of technologies used in modern HDTVs. You also need to consider the screen size, I/O ports, and other features. Use the following TV buying guide to find your next television. Main Considerations When Choosing a Television Start your search by paying attention to


What Is Quantum HDR? 

You might have heard about Quantum Dot technology in the newest TV screens from industry players like Samsung. You might even have heard that Samsung has decided to go all-in on Quantum Dot technology in their QLED TVs over the older OLED screens. But what does all of this mean and why does it matter

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