What to Look for in a Home Theatre Receiver in 2021

The receiver is arguably the most important part of a home theatre system. It is responsible for sending audio from connected devices to the speakers. However, as with most electronics, the latest receivers come with a wide range of features and options. 4K switching, built-in WiFi, DTS:X, and other technologies can make choosing the right …

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Choosing The Best Sound System For A Small Apartment

It goes without saying that if you’re building a killer home theatre system or stereo system you want to have the best sound possible for your music, movies, and games. Not much sense in spending time and money on one part of the equation while neglecting the other. The problem is, if you live in …

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Introducing Samsung Neo QLED TVs

The Samsung Neo QLED TV is the newest release aimed at delivering a better video experience. It features new technology designed to provide brighter colours that may rival the performance of OLED TVs. Samsung plans on releasing its new TVs in 2021. Before ordering a Samsung Neo QLED TV, take the time to learn more …

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What 8K TVs Have HDMI 2.1?

If you’re thinking about getting an 8K TV sometime soon, then you likely want to ensure that it is the best set that you can get. You want a set that is going to give you an amazing experience when you’re watching movies and when you’re playing video games. This is why it is essential …

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When Will 8K TVs Be Mainstream?

8K Tv's Mainstream

If you’re someone who likes to have the latest and greatest technology, then you might be looking into buying an 8K TV soon. 8K TVs are the top of the line sets that can give you the sharpest image quality. Even so, these televisions aren’t really mainstream at this point in time. Why isn’t 8K more popular right now, and when will things start to change?

When will 8K TV be mainstream enough to make it a good idea to jump in? Well, some people say that it is worth jumping in and buying an 8K set now. As for when 8K TVs will become the mainstream set to have, that’s going to be a tougher question to answer. Read on and examine the current state of 8K TVs as well as what the future likely holds.

8K Is Gaining in Popularity

It’s good to see that 8K TVs are starting to gain more popularity now. Many people are starting to look into 8K TVs because they want to get ready for what is coming in the next few years. Some people think that more movies will start utilizing 8K, and you might see more 8K remasters of classics, too. As more people start to buy 8K TVs, the idea of owning them inches closer to becoming mainstream.

However, it’s important to understand that 8K TVs aren’t close to becoming the most mainstream TVs right now. Many people still have yet to upgrade their TVs to 4K, and most people are using 1080P sets. If you look at the TV market, then you’ll see that 4K sets have recently become very affordable. The technology has become a lot less costly to make, and this is allowing people that don’t have a lot of money to upgrade to an Ultra HD set.

If it took so long for 4K to start becoming mainstream, then what does that mean for 8K? It’s hard to say, but there are positive signs that 8K TVs will catch on faster than 4K sets did. Interest in 8K sets is there, but people want to know that 8K will be utilized properly before they invest cash. As more 8K content starts to come out, it’s going to be more tempting to buy an 8K set for many people.

4K Content looks incredible on Samsung QLED’s with the new infinity screen.

8K Upscaling

If you decide to invest in an 8K set right now, then you can still take advantage of 8K upscaling. As you likely know, 8K TVs have a pixel count that is 16 times larger than 1080P TVs and four times larger than 4K TVs. Most footage isn’t shot in 8K, and this means that images need to be upscaled to be displayed properly on an 8K set. If you buy an 8K TV now, then you can still enjoy very sharp image quality, but the footage will be upscaled rather than native.

As time goes on, it’s going to be more common for 8K footage to be the norm. You’ll see more native 8K movies and shows years down the line, but upscaling makes it so that you can enjoy lower-resolution footage while still getting a very sharp image. If you would like to buy an 8K TV right now to get ready for the future, then you’ll be getting a set that looks amazing. You don’t necessarily have to wait until 8K becomes mainstream to start enjoying it.

8K Gaming

8K gaming is likely going to be something that will help 8K to become mainstream. There are positive signs that 8K gaming is on the way, too. For instance, the new PS5 consoles have come out, and they state that the consoles support 8K gaming right on the box. Granted, there aren’t a lot of games that offer 8K support at this time, but it shows that video game companies are thinking about 8K and getting ready for it.

Video game fans love to be able to get the latest and greatest experience, and 8K will be the next big thing when the time is right. Presently, video game developers are still getting used to producing games in 4K that have good performance, but 8K could be on the table in the near future. When you see some of the most talented video game development studios make games with 8K in mind, it’s going to start to make 8K more viable as a mainstream TV set.

Should You Buy 8K Right Now?

Whether or not you should buy an 8K TV right now depends on what you want. If you do decide to invest in an 8K set right now, then you’ll be able to enjoy it a lot because of great upscaling features. It will likely be several years until 8K TVs will be mainstream, but even 4K sets weren’t mainstream until the past several years. Jumping in now could be very beneficial, but you should make the choice that is best for you and your family.

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