hifi surge protectors

How Important Is A HiFi Surge Protector?

When’s the last time you changed your power bar? Without a HiFi surge protector, you risk permanently damaging your expensive audio and video equipment. While a standard surge protector may protect against voltage spikes if it’s relatively new, a HiFi surge protector often provides enhanced protection. It can protect against excess current and help remove


What to Look for in a Television

Shopping for a new television is not easy, especially considering the variety of technologies used in modern HDTVs. You also need to consider the screen size, I/O ports, and other features. Use the following TV buying guide to find your next television. Main Considerations When Choosing a Television Start your search by paying attention to


What Is Quantum HDR? 

You might have heard about Quantum Dot technology in the newest TV screens from industry players like Samsung. You might even have heard that Samsung has decided to go all-in on Quantum Dot technology in their QLED TVs over the older OLED screens. But what does all of this mean and why does it matter


How to Choose the Best Phono Pre-Amp

Digital music is great. You can fit huge amounts of it on a tiny device that can go with you anywhere. But even with all of our impressive new audio technology, no medium of sound storage has managed to beat the richness and warmth of analog vinyl audio. The good news for audiophiles is that

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