We're are here for you.

 We are currently available in-store Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm. We are also available by appointment Saturday 9am-12pm. You may call (902) 434-5511 to book a consultation or email us at sales@glubes.ca

The store will have restricted access during these hours. We encourage our clients to call prior to a store visit. To ensure safe social distancing protocols,  we will restrict the number of clients permitted in the store any any one time. As as August 7th 2020, non-medical masks MUST be worn during store visits. . PPE and personal sanitation supplies will be provided a no charge for your safety and convenience. 

 Additionally, if you want to make a purchase, we can process your order over the phone. Product will be available for curbside pickup. 

A Message of unity and support;

We have all entered a new era of uncertainty as we unify to face a common foe. In the spirit of good will, I would like to extend best wishes to our staff, family, friends, competitors, and to all Canadians for good health and a return to better times.  Be safe, stay strong, and do not allow fear to overcome common sense.

Kevin Sawler, Owner Glubes AVU