Klipsch is one of the most famous and respected brands when it comes to speakers. If you’ve been buying speakers for quite some time, then you’ve more than likely encountered this brand before. Those who are new to Klipsch might be curious about the company and why they’re so highly regarded. Read the history of Klipsch below, or contact us with any questions that you may have!

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History of Klipsch Speakers

Klipsch Speaker Sketch
Sketch of original Klipsch Corner Speaker

The Beginning

Klipsch speakers is a company that was founded in 1946 in Hope, Arkansas. It was originally known as Klipsch and Associates when it was founded by Paul W. Klipsch. This company produced loudspeaker drivers, enclosures, and complete loudspeakers that were meant to give people professional sound systems. The company had humble beginnings, and it is said that Paul W. Klipsch sold speakers out of a tin shed.

It wasn’t until 1948 that things would start to ramp up significantly. Klipsch was able to acquire a factory building and hire employees. The company grew and started to find more success. By 1957, Klipsch introduced the experimental Heresy speaker that wound up being considered the first commercial center channel speaker on the market.

This speaker was put on display at the World’s Fair in Brussels, Belgium, and this led to the company gaining more notoriety. The company would continue to produce more advanced speakers over time, and by 1980, the company would enter the professional theater business. In 1999, Klipsch introduced the first computer speaker system that was THX-certified.

Classic Klipsch Speakers
A selection of classic Klipsch speakers.

A History of Excellence

The reason why Klipsch is so highly regarded today is that the company has a history of excellence. This company, led by its founder Paul W. Klipsch, was able to make many breakthroughs when it came to audio technology. This would lead to Paul W. Klipsch being inducted into the audio hall of fame, and he is considered a legendary figure in the industry. Klipsch as a company helped to push the audio industry forward, and they are a brand that people felt that they could count on.

Today, you’ll still find Klipsch at the forefront of the latest audio developments. They offer a wide range of different products from loudspeakers to smartphone accessories. They’re perhaps most respected for their high-definition wireless home theater solutions. They’ve done great work by providing the masses with voice-activated speakers as well.

Those who are looking to get high-quality speakers for a home theater system will be very pleased with what Klipsch has to offer. The founder of the company is no longer at the helm, but the spirit of innovation still lives on at Klipsch. This is a company that is a big player in the home theater industry while also offering a wide range of other products. If you see the Klipsch brand name on a product, then you can expect the product to be high quality.

Klipsch speakers have earned a reputation as being among the best, and you will enjoy what they have to offer. The range of audio products that this company offers is truly impressive. You can purchase soundbars from Klipsch as well as premium floorstanding speakers. Even Klipsch headphones are considered to be top of the line.

Klipsch 2.1 Channel System
A Klipsch 2.1 Channel Home Theatre System

The Future
As time marches forward, the Klipsch brand continues to look toward the future. This company is well-positioned in the market currently, and they continue to offer top-notch products. Time will tell whether Klipsch will offer another significant innovation like they have done so many times in the past. You can be sure that this brand will continue to supply consumers with high-quality audio products that live up to the name that they have built.

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