Bluesound PULSE Subwoofer


  • 6.5″ Woofer
  • 100w Dynamic
  • Wirelessly Pairs with PULSE SOUNDBAR
  • Black Finish


With the PULSE SUB, Bluesound has reimagined the subwoofer. Most subwoofers are large cubes that don’t often fit very well in the typical living room. The PULSE SUB on the other hand, is a compact, slim, rectangular shape, allowing it to fit beside, behind, or underneath living room furniture. This room friendly design has several clever installation options.

  • 165mm Powered Subwoofer
  • 100 Total Watts Dynamic Peak
  • Wirelessly Pairs with the PULSE SOUNDBAR
  • SUB Volume, Cross Over and Phase Control
  • Low-Level Analog Input &amp, Output
  • LFE Input &amp, Output
  • 0.5W Standby Mode
  • Black Finish


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