Sennheiser AMBEO Wireless Subwoofer (AMBEOSUB)


  • State-of-the-Art AMBEO Virtualization Technology
  • High-end Proprietary Woofer
  • 350W Class-D Amplifier
  • Automated Self-calibration

It’s movie night. The good guys are chasing the bad guys and their running footsteps reverberate in your whole body. Each spin of the helicopter blades above you can be felt thumping on your chest while the action makes each hair on your arm stand up. Welcome to bass reinvented.

Don’t just hear the action, truly feel it.
An immersive sound experience with unmatched thundering bass.
The Sub is driven by AMBEO, a breakthrough in 3D sound developed in collaboration with the German research organization Fraunhofer IIS Institute. The extremely deep bass is powered by the AMBEO virtualisation technology, that provides the most natural and immersive sound you’ve ever experienced. While a 8” high-end proprietary woofer, paired with a 350W Class-D amplifier, guarantees unmatched thundering bass down to 27Hz

Go big or go home.
Deepest bass performance to match any room size.
Cutting edge multi-sub array technology allows you to connect up to four subwoofers to scale bass performance and calibrate them individually for optimal sound. Wireless connection ensures you can keep your room clean and neat without the need for any cables.

Let us take care of making everything perfect.
Just plug it in, simply set it up and you’re good to go.
The AMBEO Sub advanced self-calibration and its built-in far-field microphone allow the device to scan your room and learn its acoustics with extreme precision, letting the Sub adjust flawlessly to every environment and create a unique immersive sound experience that places you right in the center of the action.

A smooth experience, from beginning to end.
Cutting edge software makes the best hardware even better.
The intuitive Smart Control App and our Web Interface guarantee a smooth and enjoyable user experience that includes multiple audio and equalizer settings besides many other state-of-the-art functions created to make the most out of your AMBEO Sub, which uses Bluetooth Low Energy to ensure the lowest latency.
A comprehensive onboarding and an easy setup allow you to enjoy your device without the need for complicated first steps and integrate the AMBEO Sub into your existing multimedia environment.

An end-to-end immersive sound experience.
AMBEO delivers 3D audio technologies and solutions that provide the most natural, immersive sound you’ve ever experienced.
Everything you hear in the real world is immersive. With AMBEO, Sennheiser delivers end-to-end 3D audio solutions that allow you to achieve the most natural and immersive sound experiences in applications such as Home Audio 3D, 3D Sound Recording and Mixing, VR/XR, and Exhibitions. AMBEO aims to empower listeners to experience and shape new perspectives and realities in sound. With solutions that capture and amplify real life, such as AMBEO VR Mic and AMBEO Smart Headset, AMBEO equips content creators with unique tools to make a lasting impact on their audiences. For listeners who are hungry for breathtaking emotions, the AMBEO exhibitions,the AMBEO Sub and the AMBEO Soundbars transform every moment into a supernatural audio experience


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